Today in Photoshop: Joker Phillips turns Florida opponents into ghosts in the game Pac-Man

Florida wide receivers coach Joker Phillips won the Internet Thursday morning.

We’ve spent the past few weeks mocking his weird Photoshop posts, but on Thursday, he posted one that was actually quite entertaining and should get the notice of all the teams on the Gator’s schedule. At least it's not creepy like the rest of the pictures he's put up this offseason. He must have had a good week.

Yes, that is Pac-Man board and yes, each of the ghosts is one of Florida’s opponents in 2012. Instead of Pac-Man, Phillips uses a gator head and it looks like LSU is the first in Florida’s direct path.

Wait, are there two LSU's? Yes. A purple and a blue one. I think the blue one is supposed to GSU for Georgia Southern, Florida's daunting nonconference opponent on Nov. 23. It is interesting that season-opening opponent Toledo and Phillips' old school Kentucky have been either eaten or spared in this Photoshop.

This is clever, but it continues to make me wonder why Phillips, the team’s recruiting coordinator, has so much time on his hands?

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