TMZ tracks down Brent Musburger at airport, he says he didn’t say anything inappropriate

Dr. Saturday

Well, we know the Brent Musburger-Katherine Webb story is officially beyond the scope of sports. TMZ is involved.

TMZ found Musburger at the airport and got him to stop just long enough to give his thoughts on Webb - Alabama quarterback A.J. McCarron's girlfriend who he helped turn into an instant celebrity by commenting on her beauty during the BCS Championship Game - and the ESPN apology that followed.

Before TMZ got to him we hadn't seen any Musburger comments on the entire ordeal, which is a little strange because it's not like he's been in hiding. It's pretty obvious Musburger wasn't thrilled about the ESPN apology when he talked about it.

"Individuals say what individuals say, and corporations do what corporations do," Musburger said. "Obviously they felt it was the right thing to do."

The best moment of the quick TMZ interview came when Musburger was asked if he thought he said anything inappropriate. He shrugged for a few moments as he thought about how to answer.

"No," Musburger said, smiling after the simple reply.

The ironic part about the ESPN apology is that it made the Webb story much bigger than it already was. Although, perhaps that was the network's plan all along.

Musburger said he hasn't met Webb but hopes to.

"I'm sure at some time we'll run into each other," Musburger said. "I'll smile, I hope she's still smiling and I wish her nothing but the best."

As Musburger was trying to make his escape to the escalator, TMZ squeezed in one more question, asking if he thinks he helped launch Webb's career. Webb, who is Miss Alabama, has gone from a few thousand Twitter followers to more than 271,000 since Musburger drew attention to her, has accepted offers since the BCS Championship game to be in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue and cover the Super Bowl for "Inside Edition."

"I think she already launched it," Musburger said. "I don't think she needed help from me."

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