Tires on South Florida athletic director’s car were slashed during game against Central Florida

Dr. Saturday

We now have a high profile case of vandalism to mark the rivalry between South Florida and Central Florida.

During the game Friday night, which Central Florida won 23-20 on a fourth quarter touchdown to seal a BCS berth, the tires on South Florida athletic director Doug Woolard's car were slashed.

The car was parked near Bright House Networks Stadium in Orlando, but the exact location, per the Orlando Sentinel, is unknown.

Woolard got back to Tampa with a courtesy car from an Orlando dealership. According to the Sentinel, Central Florida athletic director Todd Stansbury drove Woolard's car back to Tampa Saturday morning. Presumably after the tires had been replaced or fixed, of course.

"I want to publicly apologize to Doug. I’m disappointed and embarrassed that this happened at our facility," Stansbury said in a statement. "I’m thankful our friends at Carl Black came through with transportation for him to get back home. We always encourage good sportsmanship and responsible behavior and this was neither.”

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