Thursday Night Live Blog: Let’s get it on

Do it for Russell Wilson, making his first start as a Badger. Do it for UNLV, willing to go on national television as a 34-point underdog for its rare moment in the spotlight. Do it for the children. Do it for America.

But most of all, do it because finally, finally… it is football.

What: Thursday night live blog, UNLV at Wisconsin. All comments welcome.
When: Kickoff is at 8 p.m. ET. Blog kicks roughly simultaneously, runs throughout the broadcast.
Who: You and all your rowdy friends, including Mssrs. Daniels and Beam. (Blowouts are their specialty, and I hear they really enjoy the Jump Around.)
How: Hit "Watch Now," enter comments into the available box and do your part to accelerate the slow, agonizing death of conventional journalism.
Why: Do you really have to ask? Welcome home.

- - -
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