The top premium ticket package for the 2015 National Championship starts at $4,500

The top premium ticket package for the 2015 National Championship starts at $4,500
The top premium ticket package for the 2015 National Championship starts at $4,500

If you want prime seating and a VIP experience for the College Football Playoff National Championship Game, be prepared to spend a lot of cash.

Premium ticket package details and pricing for the title game of the first College Football Playoff at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas were released Tuesday and range in price from $1,899 to $5,999 each.

Ticket packages in the 100 and 200 levels between the 20-yard-lines for the game on January 12 start at $4,499 per person. That Gold Level Package price is for the game only, which includes field access postgame, pregame hospitality, an open bar, and the promise of appearances of "collegiate football legends."

Each package also includes a gift bag and a voucher for a program and the right to park in the preferred parking lots. However, you still have to pay for parking. But if you're spending that much on a ticket, what's another $100 or so for parking, right?

If you want to add three nights in a hotel room to your tickets, you can split a room with someone for $750 more or have your own room at one of nine hotels for $1500 more.

Some other details:

• If you're looking to sit in a suite, you can choose from a suite that seats 15-59 people. Suite packages start at $4,000 a person, which means if you're looking for the smallest suite at the lowest price point, be prepared to spend $60,000.

• Sitting in the 300 levels of AT&T Stadium in the Gold Level will save you $600 on each game-only or hotel package. If you move between the 20s and goal lines on the lower levels, you'll save over $1,000 with the Black package. However, you won't get field access after the game, a gift bag and your three hotel choices  are different than the nine offered in the Gold option. Is that a sacrifice you're willing to make?

• The $1,899 option is the White (H) Level, which is a seat between the 20s in the lower section of the 400 level of the stadium. It includes the entire experience the Black option does, but instead of a $100 merchandise voucher, you get a $50 one. And a worse seat. You're going to be about 20 rows lower than this view for the Final Four, though it helps that a football field is much bigger than a basketball court.

The complete informational PDF is below. Let us know if you go for the Gold in the hopes your favorite team will make it to Texas. You've got to be really devoted, or have a lot of extra money, to shell out that kind of dough.


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