The Big Ten Network released 'tradition' videos for (almost) all of its teams

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The Big Ten Network released “tradition” videos for all of its football teams (well, almost all. Sorry Illinois), and they are, well, interesting.

If you’re a fan of the team, or a big consumer of collegiate traditions, you’re going to understand each of these. If you’re not, well, just laugh at the ridiculousness of it all and be happy Kyle Flood didn’t lose a finger and splatter blood all over James Franklin’s white shirts.


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Hep’s Rock is a historic landmark on campus, but in this video it’s been replaced by a historic geode.


Iowa's fan section is called the Hawk’s Nest. Wonder if they learned how to make that nest off Pintrest?


A cannon is shot off at College Park before games. Might have been a better video with something like this.


Coach Jim Harbaugh tips his hat to mentor Bo Schembechler. Next year, watching Harbaugh buy khakis at Walmart will replace this.


Apparently, if you ask someone from Michigan where they’re from, they will show you their hand. Yeah, I had to look this one up.


"Ski-U-Mah" is Minnesota’s rally cry and it’s written on the inside of their uniforms so no one forgets.


Before Nebraska home games, the fans release red balloons into the air. They don’t, regrettably, play this song when it happens.


Wildcats, cats, get it? Fitz looks so angry. Cat people aren't angry, they're just crazy.


I like how this is deemed a “tradition” now. Maybe the rubbing it with the cloth is the tradition.


Dr. Saturday staffer, and Penn State grad, Sam Cooper only owns white clothes and a Tide pen. True story.


OK, Purdue’s logo is a train but this is the closest it will ever get to steamrolling its Big Ten opponents.


I warned you about this one earlier. “Keep chopping wood” is a Rutgers football phrase. I wonder if this video was an attachment in that email Flood sent to the Rutgers faculty member? Yeah, I went there.


I once saw House of Pain in concert in a field at UC-San Diego in like 1998. It’s not something of which I’m all that proud.

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