The ACC is very excited about its new logo and brand

The ACC is very excited about its new logo and brand
The ACC is very excited about its new logo and brand

The ACC officially unveiled its new brand on Thursday that aims to reflect the conference’s future while also “maintaining a strong sense of the league’s tradition.” The new brand includes a brand (ha ha ha) new logo that the league seems pretty excited about.

According to a release from the league, the logo (which was leaked a few weeks ago) is set in a “custom designed font” (glorified italics) that “leans forward toward the conference’s ever-present goal of excellence.”

Yes, the press release really says that.

It also says that the silver underline underneath the lettering “symbolizes the ACC’s journey toward a bright future.” So yeah, the ACC is taking this rebranding thing very, very seriously.

“The ACC is well-positioned for many future successes and we are pleased with our new branding that reflects our limitless potential,” said commissioner John Swofford. “The new, contemporary look modernizes and energizes the ACC mark, and, at the same time, still reflects the league’s history and rich tradition.”

But wait, there’s more! A 19-page ACC “brand book” and 63-page “brand standards” accompanied the release. The “brand book” is chock full of repetitive reasons why the ACC’s new brand matters and the importance of being “properly branded.” We also learn about the brand’s “essence,” “personality,” “mission” and “identity.”

Oh yeah, there’s also this:

Ugh. Get ready to have those phrases shoved down your throat, ACC fans. 

The brand standards book isn’t much better. Page three tells us that “some people talk about a brand and refer to slogans and logos, but it’s so much more.”

Following this statement, there are 44 pages which describe the proper way to use the new logo in different colors, when representing each school, when representing each sport and proper logo placement on a playing surface.

If there’s “so much more” to the ACC’s brand, I must be missing it.

For your viewing pleasure, here’s the ACC’s new logo in action on Clemson’s uniform and commissioner Swofford detailing the change.

Happy branding! 

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