The 'Baylor Line' makes its inaugural appearance at McLane Stadium

The inaugural run of the Baylor Line.

Baylor might have a new stadium, but the traditions from it old home remained intact. Included in those traditions was the “Baylor Line” where members of the Line get to run down the opposite tunnel from the players and onto the field.

Here's a little more information from the Baylor website:

Prior to each home football game, the Line gathers at one end of Floyd Casey Stadium and, led by the cheers of alumni and fans, runs onto the field and creates an enormous human tunnel to welcome the football team to Floyd Casey Stadium. After each player and coach has entered the stadium, The Line takes their seats in an exclusive Baylor Line section behind the opponent’s bench to cheer on the Bears to victory.

As you can imagine, this can sometimes get a little dicey as it did for the poor students who were trampled on the right side of the video. Still, if you can manage to keep your feet and avoid injury, this is a pretty cool tradition, especially to christen a new stadium.

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