Texas Tech QB Davis Webb took his offensive line out for $275 worth of barbecue

FILE - In this Dec. 30, 2013, file photo, Texas Tech quarterback Davis Webb throws a pass during his record setting first half against Arizona State during the Holiday Bowl NCAA college football football game in San Diego. Webb will be the starting quarterback this season. (AP Photo/Gregory Bull, File)

Texas Tech QB Davis Webb wanted to treat his offensive linemen. Linemen like food and barbecue is popular in Texas, so the solution was a barbecue meal.

“The biggest thing, I guess for those guys is I bought them a $275 meal at Rudy’s last week, and I think they feel a lot more comfortable with me too,” Webb said Monday via the Dallas Morning News.

Webb said his grandfather, who played baseball and football at Baylor, always said to take care of your pl;ayers. So he followed his advice and said he got a tangible result right away.

“I felt like the next day they practiced a lot harder,” Webb said. ”So I wonder if I need to do that every week.”

If Webb did that, he should probably go ask the Texas Tech athletic center to start cooking up some barbecue for him. $275 a week is a big hit for a lot of working folks, let alone a college kid barred by the NCAA from making money off his likeness.

The gesture comes as Webb enters 2014 as Tech's undisputed starter. Last year, he didn't start the season as the Red Raiders' QB, but after an impressive performance in the Holiday Bowl (and the departure of Baker Mayfield and Michael Brewer), the starting job is his.

His offensive line, is more comfortable with him too. How can you not be with a guy that buys you barbecue?

"Davis is great. He's cool with us, we love him, and we know he's going to take care of us if we take care of him," Tech G Baylen Brown said via Red Raider Sports. "We know he knows what he's doing, and he's going to make plays if we give him time. It feels a lot better knowing that he's back there, and we're not going to switch it up."

Texas Tech opens the season Saturday against Central Arkansas.

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