Texas Tech gets down and very dirty in the name of Aggie hate

When teams leave a conference, they usually complain about fans yelling obscenities to them during games or referee biases. Rarely do those teams complain about an opposing team's fans leaving poop in their team bus.

But Texas A&M athletic director Bill Byrne is accusing Texas Tech fans of just that. According to a Byrne tweet, someone left excrement in the Aggies' team buses and smeared it on the outside. The buses also reportedly had vulgarities spray painted across them.

If that doesn't scream bitterness, I'm not sure what does.

Of course, there was no police report filed and no one knows exactly who did it, but defacing a team bus with poop — and let's hope it's animal poop — is just all sorts of wrong.

Chances are it is horse manure because of the statue of Will Rogers on his horse on the Texas Tech campus, which is positioned so that the rear end of the horse faces Texas A&M. It's a revered statue and this prank would surely be homage to it.

Still defacing A&M's buses in such a manner crosses not only a line of decency, but also sanitation.
Apparently, Tech administrators saw this type of thing coming and tried to do a preemptive strike by asking for a little decorum from the Red Raider fans. But no one could have expected a prank like this one. Prior to this, the ugliest moment of the series was a fan brawl 1999.

Look, we get it. The Big 12 is angry Texas A&M is leaving and the Aggies haven't exactly been gracious about their exit. A&M's departure almost caused a domino effect that would have destroyed the entire conference. Yeah, that's worth a bit of vitriol from opposing fans, but there had to be another idea on the table when this think tank of vandals were hatching this plan.

Can you blame A&M for wanting to leave? I'm with Byrne — Classy.

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