Texas quarterback Case McCoy’s response to AJ McCarron getting sacked and Alabama losing: ‘Lol’

Dr. Saturday

As Oklahoma sealed a massive upset win over Alabama in the Sugar Bowl when Eric Striker strip sacked AJ McCarron and Geneo Grissom returned the fumble eight yards for a touchdown, reactions came in waves over Twitter.

One of the funnier reactions was a simple one from Texas quarterback Case McCoy.

I guess McCoy was reacting to the sack being the end to McCarron’s career and Alabama’s season when the Crimson Tide were 16.5-point favorites to win the game. The stage had been set for the “storybook ending” for McCarron’s career, so I can see where he’s coming from.

On the other hand, it takes some serious balls for McCoy to essentially mock McCarron and Alabama when McCoy ended his career with a performance in which he threw for 48 yards and two interceptions in a loss to Oregon to end an 8-5 season for Texas.

Also, earlier in the season, McCoy was also on the receiving end of an Eric Striker hit himself in which he was completely flipped over his own head.

You’d think McCoy would feel McCarron’s pain!

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