Texas player doesn’t think Texas’ fans are loud enough

Dr. Saturday

It's pretty much a rule that every fan, player and coach insists their team has the best fans in America.

While Texas senior safety Kenny Vaccaro didn't rip the Longhorns' fans for being lousy, he didn't give them much of a compliment either.

When the Daily Texan asked Vaccaro how he felt about playing on the road this week at Mississippi instead of at Darrell K Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium, Vaccaro sounded all for it.

Take it away, Kenny:

"I like without a doubt playing on the road better than playing at home," Vaccaro said. "It's way louder and gets me way [more excited]. No offense to our fans, but [DKR] is not loud."

Well, I suppose Vaccaro might have been ripping the acoustics of the stadium or something, but then he added the chair shot to the back of the Texas fan base, saying that Texas A&M's home stadium was incredible, and the newspaper wrote that Vaccaro explained it was because all fans, and not just the students, stand for the whole game.

"Kyle Field is loud, man," Vaccaro said. "Kyle Field gets wild."

Ouch. Vaccaro will probably be hearing a little bit from those quiet Texas fans about this.

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