Texas A&M fan slides by security, spends Alabama game on Aggies sideline

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We'd think the story of a Texas A&M fan getting past security and spending almost all of the Aggies' landmark upset of Alabama on the sideline was made up, but there's plenty of photographic proof on TexAgs.com.

There he is (he's "Sideline Guy," on the message board, of course, with no other identification) with former Heisman Trophy winner John David Crow, with the Alabama mascot, about an arm's length away from Johnny Manziel, standing a couple feet from the field as A&M lines up for a play.

Oh, and there he is running behind Aggies coach Kevin Sumlin as the team went to the locker room at halftime.

If it's a message board hoax, it's certainly well done at least.

Honestly, the story of how this fan spent the afternoon roaming the Texas A&M sideline is hilarious (and totally wrong, kids ... totally wrong, got it?).

Here's how "Sideline Guy," got on the field, according to his post on the message board (with the spelling of the stadium fixed):

"Before the game I walked down to the field level. For those who have been to Bryant-Denny Stadium know it has a wrought iron fence that allows fans access to the field level while still being separated from the players, coaches and media. As I watched the Ags warm up the stadium video screens began showing 'the drive' video, which was Bama's drive against LSU to win the weekend before. The stadium is going nuts and everyone (including the security guards) are watching. At that time I jumped the wrought iron fence. Luckily I was wearing my Aggie sideline polo, so I looked almost identical to the coaching staff. Once in the clear, I figured I looked like an equipment manager more than a coach/player/media, so I tried to stay close to those guys until kickoff. I spent the next 3.5 hours in Heaven (Ags sideline).. "

Alabama's stadium operations folks won't like this story. And this isn't just a fun but kind of boring tale of a guy who slips by security and does everything he can to not draw suspicion so he can continue to watch from the sideline. What makes it so funny is that he pretty much made himself right at home.

He took the pictures, obviously, including the one with Crow. He said he talked to school president R. Bowen Loftin. He said he introduced himself to Aggies offensive coordinator Kliff Kingsbury before the game. He ran off the field with the team at halftime, even though he laments he couldn't get access to the locker room. And there's photographic proof of him running off the field behind Sumlin, in a freeze-frame from the CBS broadcast. He says that he talked with Sumlin for a brief second after his CBS halftime interview.

Let's think about that. A fan who sneaked by security is bold enough to chat up the team's head coach as he runs in at halftime of a game against the top-ranked team in the country. That's fantastic.

Finally, with four minutes left in the game, security got wise. They booted him, but the fun wasn't completely over -- instead of kicking the sideline trespasser out of the stadium, they just made him go back to his seat.

So ...

This Aggies fan got past security, chatted up and took a picture of the only Heisman winner in school history, talked with the offensive coordinator and the student president, ran off the field with the team at halftime like he owned the place, and also talked with the head coach as he headed off the field at halftime, all while watching what might be the greatest win in school history from the Aggies sideline, and even when he was caught his punishment was going back to his seat.

Yeah kids ... definitely totally wrong.

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