Texas A&M is desperately seeking the SEC’s love and approval

Poor Texas A&M. It's become that kid in school that wants everyone to like him, no one does, but he keeps trying way too hard to make the friendships happen.

First, it was coach Kevin Sumlin's non-threatening jab to Florida coach Will Muschamp then it was College Station Mayor Nancy Berry and her video that Photoshopped Muschamp into different A&M and College Station traditions. Then, freshman quarterback Johnny Manziel tried to get the Aggies some street cred by getting arrested and posing shirtless for his mugshot.

And now this.

Texas A&M just released a video with several members of their student body doing the various cheers of their fellow members of the SEC.

And it's really sad.

See, we fit in. We know all the cheers. Love us. Love us, please. We're cool. I promise we're totally cool. Please love us!!!

And the poor students look like they really don't want to be in this video. It's like university president R. Bowen Loftin threatened to expel each of them if they didn't participate, so they begrudgingly shout "Woo Pig Sooie" and try to spell "MIZ-ZOU."

It's hard to know what A&M will try next to fit into the SEC, but I wouldn't be surprised to see a YouTube with all of the A&M coaches singing "Call Me Maybe" surface before the end of the summer

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H/T to SBNation for this gem

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