Texas AD DeLoss Dodds: ‘Saban isn’t going to come here’

In the three years since playing for a national title, Texas has been a shell of its former self. Athletic director DeLoss Dodds has spent a great deal of time defending coach Mack Brown and insisting that his job is not in jeopardy.

All the while tempering expectations of whom the Longhorns could hire if Brown is shown the door.

“If somebody tells me we need to change, I say, ‘OK, but who should we hire? [Alabama head coach Nick] Saban? Well, Saban isn’t going to come here,’" Dodds told the Daily Texan.

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“Mack does it so much better than everyone I’ve ever seen. Instant gratification. We want it right now. And if it’s not working, we want to blow it up and get instant gratification. In this kind of world, that’s not necessarily the answer.”

While Texas has failed to post double-digit wins in each of the past three seasons, Brown was responsible for making Texas one of the nation’s best teams over the past decade. From 1998-2009, Texas won one national championship and played for two others. Brown's teams combined to win 128 games.

While fans might be sour on Brown now, finding another coach to fill his shoes is not a given and that’s why Dodds said he’s not so quick to pull the trigger.

“Following Mack will not be easy,” Dodds said. “You’re always thinking what you would do if that happens. That’s what we get paid to do. But if we went looking for somebody, I would look for Mack. That’s who I’d want to hire ... He would be who I’d want if I had to start all over again. If there’s another Mack Brown out there, that’s who we’d go after.”

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