Texas defensive coordinator Vance Bedford tweaks Johnny Manziel on Twitter

While we've all come to the conclusion that Texas and Texas A&M won't be playing each other anytime soon on the football field in the regular season, it's not stopping members of the football program from talking about each other.

The latest to throw a word grenade was Texas defensive coordinator Vance Bedford, who had something to say about Johnny Manziel Sunday night on Twitter.

To Bedford's credit, he didn't claim he was hacked or that he was misquoted. He was quite interactive after his tweet and tried to turn his remarks into a praise of Texas high school football.
(Bedford is a Texas alum and came with Charlie Strong from Louisville to Texas for the 2014 season.)

However, he brought up the concept of spread offense quarterbacks, which is incredibly odd for a defensive coordinator who obviously understands the intracacies of football.

We don't need to spend the rest of the morning dissecting what the "spread" offense is and how a "spread" offense quarterback can't be pigeonholed, do we? And aren't Peyton and Brady in the gun reading defenses because their offenses are "spread" out creating mismatches and allowing them to survey the field for the best option? They just aren't threats to run like other quarterbacks.

All three of those quarterbacks helped change college football and two have a chance to help continue the sea change in pro football. But with 125 FBS teams (and other lower level divisions), it's only logical that college quarterbacks and their offensive systems that succeed in the college ranks aren't so successful in the pro ranks.

But hey, it's NFL draft week. Finally. And thank goodness. We can stop talking about hypothetical draft slots after the weekend is over and start grading each team's draft before a single pick takes a training camp snap. Hallelujah.


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