Texas AD Steve Patterson once again shuts down the possibility of a Texas-Texas A&M football revival

For those holding out hope that somehow, some way, some day Texas and Texas A&M would meet on the football field again in the relatively near future, it’s time to let the dream go.

Texas athletic director Steve Patterson, or killer of all football rivalry dreams Steve Patterson, said on the Paul Finebaum Show on Friday that Texas would need a “compelling business or branding reason” to rekindle the rivalry with the Aggies.

“I think the reality for us is A&M made a choice they felt was best for them to move to the SEC. That’s great for them,” Patterson said. “They’ve leveraged that well. They get a new football stadium, they had a lot of success with Johnny Manziel and raised a lot of money. For us, I think there has to be a real business or branding case made to play anybody that we play with our football games. Given the way our schedule is constructed, playing Oklahoma every year in Dallas, which essentially means every other year you lose a home game, makes scheduling somewhat complicated for us. So, unless there is a really compelling business or branding reason, I see a hard time renewing that rivalry in football.”

Doesn’t this quote sound like there are some bitter biscuits there? He says he’s happy for Texas A&M and all of its success, but he’s not really. And wouldn’t the business or branding case for the rivalry be that a lot of people would like to see the series start up again and therefore the game could conceivable by played in the House the Jerry built in Arlington, Texas? Seems like that would be a win-win situation for both squads in terms of money.

Patterson couldn’t possibly be concerned that with A&M on an upswing and his Longhorns still trying to get their footing that it would be a lopsided affair, could he? Manziel is gone, the A&M defense is iffy, Texas could strike while the iron is hot and continue to claim bragging rights over its rival.

While Patterson might think he’s put this conversation to bed, it will keep coming up every year until both sides agree to play again. Sadly, that might not come until everyone with any bitterness toward A&M's decision to move from the Big 12 to the SEC ceases to exist.

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