Texas A&M cadet blocks SMU receiver from running into Reveille (GIF)

A cadet standing on the sideline with Texas A&M mascot Reveille did his job extremely well on Saturday at SMU.

Reveille was stationed near the goal line on the sideline and SMU's Der'rick Thompson was chasing an overthrown corner route. As the pass fell incomplete, Thompson's momentum carried him on a crash course with the dog until a cadet stepped in with a key block.

Props to Reveille's training too. She did not flinch at all as Thompson was coming towards her. She had complete faith in her blockers.

Texas A&M legend states that if Reveille barks while a cadet has her in class, class is dismissed. If she would have barked at Thompson, declaring the game over might not have been a bad idea. A&M absolutely stifled SMU.

The SMU game is one of the last road games that this Reveille, Reveille VIII, will attend. Texas A&M announced Thursday that Reveille would be retiring in the spring. She's been the mascot at A&M since 2008 and the school will (seriously) have a 12-person selection committee to find her successor.

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