Terry Bowden wants you to ‘Fear the Dadgum! Roo’

Dr. Saturday

Bowdenisms have officially infiltrated Akron.

When Akron hired Terry Bowden back in December, no one knew how his Southern charm might play in Ohio. But apparently, it's been wholeheartedly embraced.

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The Akron athletic department released its new slogan Friday afternoon — and the T-shirts their selling with it — and it's a tribute for Bowden's father Bobby, and the colloquialisms that he's pretty much trademarked.

Yeah, that says, "Fear the Dadgum! Roo" and I've already ordered my shirt. At the very least it's the funniest and catchiest official slogan of any major college football team. Now if Akron could just emulate Delta State and produce a series of videos where the Roo goes around terrorizing students that would be fantastic.

And the slogan doesn't stop at football. Bowden did a recent university spot for band tryouts and exclaimed, "Fear the Dadgum Tuba" at the end of it. Nothing is dadgum off limits.

Gotta love Akron for embracing their coach's Southern style.

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