Terrelle Pryor continues to fan flames of NCAA wrongdoings

Terrelle Pryor gave the NCAA a little more ammunition on Tuesday when NBC4i.com reported that the star Ohio State quarterback has been driving the past two weeks with a suspended license.

Pryor had his license suspended after he failed to show proof of insurance, which makes sense considering Pryor has been seen in several different cars during his time at Ohio State, which has prompted an NCAA and Ohio State investigation regarding his relationships with car dealerships and other special benefits he might have received.

If none of those cars are his -- some have been seen with dealer plates and the Nissan 350z he rolled up to a team meeting in on Monday had temp tags -- why would he pay insurance on any of them?

Pryor is the registered owner of a 2006 Dodge Charger, but has been spotted in a half dozen different cars, including a GMC Denali and a Dodge Challenger.

The story said it was unclear whether Pryor had been given special privileges to drive since he's been seen motoring all around town.

Previously, Pryor had been cited by police for failing to stop at a stop sign, driving 94 mph in a 65 mph zone and two years ago, for going 99 mph in a 65 mph zone. These traffic violations occurred while Pryor was either driving a car from Aaron Kniffin, owner of Jeff Mauk of Jack Maxton Chevrolet, Inc., who is at the center of an NCAA investigation detailing more than 50 car deals for Ohio State players, or from Auto Direct Columbus, another dealership at the heart of the NCAA's investigation.