Tennessee hopes Derek Dooley can channel his father’s coaching prowess

Tennessee students are calling on the greatness of Vince Dooley to help the Volunteers to an upset win over Georgia on Saturday.

Vince Dooley, father of Tennessee coach Derek Dooley, was a famed Georgia coach and athletic director that led the Bulldogs to six conference titles and a national championship. Unfortunately for Tennessee fans, Derek Dooley doesn't have near the credentials of his father. While he has SEC wins over Ole Miss, Vanderbilt and Kentucky, he's 0-6 against other teams in the conference and lost to Georgia 41-14 a year ago.

So an artistic Tennessee student decided to help Dooley channel his father's greatness by painting dueling Dooley's on Tennessee's infamous "Rock." The picture is half Derek Dooley, half Vince Dooley and reads, "Same old genes, brand new pants…" in reference to the highly talked about orange slacks that Dooley wears on game days.

Yeah, the painting has a definite creepiness to it, but maybe the Tennessee student who painted it might be on to something.

If Dooley can channel even a shred of his father's coaching prowess, he might be able to help navigate the Vols through the toughest stretch of the season, which includes games against No. 1 LSU, No. 2 Alabama and No. 18 South Carolina in the next three weeks.

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