Manti Te’o was talking to a woman after all? That’s what the New York Post says

Dr. Saturday

If you listened to those voicemails Manti Te'o provided to Katie Couric and thought, that really sounds like a woman, it's possible it was. Maybe. Who knows?

The New York Post reported that Tino Tuiasosopo, the cousin of hoaxmaster Ronaiah, was the person on the other end of the phone during those long conversations with Te'o. That news came to the Post from another Tuiasosopo cousin. This revelation comes a day after Ronaiah's lawyer said it was Ronaiah, with the help of dramatic vocal training, on the phone all those times with the Notre Dame linebacker. So, Te'o's fake girlfriend might have at least been played at times by a woman, after all.

The daily ridiculousness of this story is reaching levels we're not sure we've ever seen before in a sports story.

The New York Post's source said she believed the voice on the voicemails was Tino, especially during one voicemail when she was crying. The Post said Tino lives in Pago Pago, American Samoa and took her role in the Te'o hoax after she was dumped in her own relationship.

The story keeps getting weirder and weirder, and now we have more questions to sort through. Why would Ronaiah Tuiasosopo's lawyer claim that his client was acting as a woman on the phone for hours upon hours when there was an actual woman who was playing that role? The Post cited yet another of Ronaiah's relatives who believed it might be because Ronaiah wants to "take the rap" for the entire hoax. At least it would remove a layer of weirdness from the story if Te'o was actually talking to a woman on the phone posing as a woman, rather than talking to a man posing as a woman ... or something like that.

We have no idea where this story is going. Check back in a couple hours. We might be in for another turn that nobody can even conceive of at the moment. Nothing seems to be out of the question.

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