TCU’s Trevone Boykin was wearing a Kansas State arm sleeve Thursday night (Photo)

It looked like one of those abstract art prints at first, but yes, if you caught it Thursday night, your eyes weren't deceiving you. TCU quarterback Trevone Boykin was wearing a Kansas State arm sleeve on Thursday night.

We didn't catch it during the broadcast because of the subtlety of the design, but it was brought to our attention Friday morning. After looking at it further, yeah, that looked like a PowerCat logo, but you had to be looking for it. On Monday during his teleconference, TCU coach Gary Patterson was asked about the arm sleeve. Yup, it was a Kansas State one. (Dr. Saturday reached out to TCU Friday and were told that while it resembled a K-State sleeve, it wasn't one.)

How did TCU get a Kansas State arm sleeve in the first place? Yeah, both schools are purple, but did they get the wrong shipment? Are players now trading arm sleeves as well as jerseys and there were no other white and purple arm sleeves available?

Hopefully that sleeve is long gone by the time the Horned Frogs visit Manhattan on November 16. Don't want Boykin getting distracted and throwing to the wrong team.

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