Video: Frogs fake Gary Patterson into another Gatorade shower

It's an established fact: Gary Patterson is not a big fan of the post-game victory bath.

During the Rose Bowl last year, Patterson explicitly told his players not to douse him with the Gatorade bucket. They did it anyway, and he wasn't too happy about it.

So as time ticked down on Saturday's 56-9 win over UNLV, a win that guaranteed the Horned Frogs sole possession of their third consecutive Mountain West title and a chance to be the non-AQ representative in a BCS bowl, TCU players got creative.

Instead of coming at Patterson with a full Gatorade bucket, a ploy that he would surely see coming, two players actually came at Patterson with an empty Gatorade bucket and drove him right into the path of a full bucket that was promptly dumped on his head.

It was misdirection at its finest.

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