TCU commemorates Boise State victory with a smack-talk T-shirt

Dr. Saturday

TCU's 36-35 upset at Boise State Saturday ended the Broncos' six-year home winning streak, ruined their chances of an undefeated season, bumped them out of the driver's seat for the Mountain West championship and likely spoiled any chance they have of landing in a BCS bowl. And now the Horned Frogs have the T-shirts to revel in it.

The purple shirt has the TCU football logo on the front and says, "Won and Done" with the score underneath. The word "Done" is in Boise State's orange and blue.

Interpret the T-shirt however you want, but it's clearly a jab at Boise State's perfect season gone awry. In a way, it's also TCU throwing up a choice finger to the Mountain West Conference, which voted to move the game from Fort Worth to Boise — where the Broncos hadn't lost a regular season since early in George W. Bush's first term — after the Horned Frogs announced they were leaving the conference for the Big East.

The Mountain West needed Boise State to make a BCS bowl to strengthen its plight for an automatic BCS berth. However, that venture was up in the air anyway after rumors started swirling that Boise State was leaving the conference for the Big East.

TCU is no stranger to excessive gloating after an upset. SMU had its fair share of fun after it beat the Horned Frogs -- and likely ruined their chance at another BCS bowl -- earlier this year with a 40-33 overtime victory. And TCU didn't exactly handle the loss gracefully.

Other than the historic nature of the win itself, the T-shirt could become a collectors item because these teams, which have met three times in the past four years (TCU leads 2-1), probably won't meet again anytime soon.

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