Tallahassee police release timeline of actions in Jameis Winston case

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The Tallahassee Police Department released a timeline on Wednesday which it says is a summary of the steps of the investigation into the sexual assault case involving Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston.

The alleged sexual assault occurred on December 7, 2012, but the case was reopened in November after 11 months had passed. Winston's attorney said last week that the quarterback has done nothing wrong after a DNA analysis matched the sample taken from him with the accuser's.

This was after the alleged victim's family released a statement claiming that detective Scott Angulo of the Tallahassee Police Department told her that her life "could be made miserable" if she continued to pursue the complaint. Angulo has previously requested work with a Florida State booster group.

State attorney Willie Meggs has said that a decision to charge Winston in the case would not be made for two more weeks. On Wednesday, Winston's attorney said that he wanted a decision sooner rather than later.

"We expressed our concerns that the delay would affect Mr. Winston's reputation, voters in the Heisman and Florida State's ability to go to the national championship game," Timothy Jansen said Wednesday to ESPN.com. "We're hoping this cloud can be lifted sooner rather than later."

According to its published timeline, investigative follow up is done from December 7 to January 10 after the police report was filed and the police transported the alleged victim to the hospital and collected evidence, including a sexual assault kit.

"As we have previously said, this is an active investigation and we are not going to discuss details that could possibly impact this case," interim police chief Tom Coe said above the timeline, "At the same time, there have been process questions that I want to respond to because I believe they demonstrate TPD's professionalism and the investigative processes of a sexual battery case."

On January 10, a suspect was identified and a meeting was scheduled with the alleged victim, whose attorney contacts the police department on January 11. Evidence was sent to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement for processing on January 15 and on January 23, the suspect's attorney tells the TPD that his client declines to be interviewed.

On February 11, the TPD says that a supplemental police report is filed noting that the case is open but inactive and would be pursued if the alleged victim decides to press charges. (At no point on the timeline is a meeting with the accuser mentioned.) On both February 22 and March 29, the TPD says it relayed the results from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement's toxicology section are received and given to the accuser's attorney, who said she would review the findings and contact the investigator if the accuser wished to proceed further with the case.

Finally, on August 27, the TPD says it received the analysis of the sexual assault kit from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

The AP reported that Winston has also been questioned about a BB gun incident in November 2012 and in July a Burger King employee called police and said Winston was stealing soda.

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