Syracuse coach Scott Shafer got in some digs at Atlanta’s snowstorm

It snows a lot more in Syracuse, N.Y. than it does in Atlanta. And Atlanta, Syracuse coach Scott Shafer wanted to let you know that he didn't approve of the way you handled the snow.

In a series of tweets that Shafer later deleted, he poked the city for the gridlock and issues that developed when snow and ice hit the city on Tuesday. Many Atlantans had to spend the night in their cars trapped on highways (including Ohio State offensive coordinator Tom Herman), and some kids were forced to spend the night at school because they couldn't get home.

What Shafer forgot at the time – and thus likely why the tweets were deleted – is that the area's woeful unpreparedness for the storm and the presence of seemingly everyone on the road at once trying to get home was the reason for the mess. Despite being about 1/9th the size of the Atlanta metropolitan area, the Syracuse metro has considerably more winter-weather-combating equipment. What happened has nothing to do with being soft.

And if it did, Shafer may want to take a look at his own team, which got walloped 164-17 by the three southern schools it played in the ACC.

Shafer apologized later Wednesday.

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