Suspended Ohio State players land on Urban Meyer’s ‘Maize’ list

It doesn't look like suspended Buckeyes tight end Jake Stoneburner and offensive lineman Jack Mewhort are getting off Urban Meyer's bad side anytime soon.

Ohio State senior Justine Boggs, a journalism student, tweeted a picture of the Ohio State depth chart that featured several players on the "Grey" team and Stoneburner and Mewhort as the only members of the "Maize" team. Maize is one of the colors of hated rival Michigan.

Stoneburner and Mewhort were indefinitely suspended earlier this month after arrests for misdemeanor charges of obstructing official business. Stoneburner, Mewhort and another man were urinating on the side of a restaurant near Stoneburner's home and ran when police shined their spotlight on the trio. Both players got about 40 yards before they halted for police.

Apparently in Ohio State world, urinating in public makes you no better than someone who plays for Michigan.

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