Steve Spurrier is halfway done with his Gatorade bath revenge from the Clemson game (VIDEO)

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Steve Spurrier is on a tour of revenge for what happened after his Gamecocks beat Clemson. And he's halfway done. Watch out, Kelcy Quarles.

Quarles and safety Kyle Fleetwood doused Spurrier with a celebratory Gatorade bath after South Carolina beat Clemson 31-17.

Spurrier said Tuesday that he got Fleetwood in a special teams meeting with an ice bucket, but that he was still on the hunt for the defensive lineman. But Quarles has his guard up, so Spurrier hasn't had a chance to make an attack yet. Spurrier is a wily vet, he's going to attack the instant that Quarles relaxes, so Quarles is going to have to have his head on a swivel until he leaves campus for the final time.

In true Spurrier fashion, he also got in a dig at some coaches who apparently ask their players to not hit them in the hair when they get doused. Spurrier is not one of them.

"The other day when they got me, it came all the way down my visor and the hat and it took a while to get out," Spurrier said. "But that's okay."

"You'll notice some coaches say 'You can hit me on the back but don't hit my hair.' There's some of those out there, you've probably seen those coaches that don't get hit in the head."

So naturally, Nick Saban's dousing at the 2013 championship game came up. After getting it on the hair and shoulders in 2012, it was shoulders only in 2013.

"Oh he got hit with a bucket and the stuff one year," Spurrier said. "They only hit him on the shoulders usually."

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