Steve Spurrier gives media members $100 for answering an impromptu trivia question correctly

South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier has a love-hate relationship with the media, but during halftime of Saturday’s basketball game he was in a love mood.

Or should I say, a game show mood?

Media gathered around Spurrier to get quotes about his new hire, defensive line coach Deke Adams, and instead were treated to a trivia question that came with a monetary prize.

"I came across a certain statistical trivia that I wanted to ask you guys today," Spurrier said. "All right, how many college teams in the BCS conferences - you know, the major conferences - how many have won 11 or more the last two years? Does any one of you know that answer?

"I got a bonus for you if anybody knows the answer."

After reporters threw out a variety of answers, two yelled out the correct teams – Stanford, Alabama, Oregon and, of course, South Carolina.

Spurrier seemed pleased with his little game and continued to talk about South Carolina’s achievement.

"You got 'em, there are four," Spurrier said. "And for South Carolina to be in the same neighborhood... Oregon, Stanford, Alabama, South Carolina are the only four that won 11 or more - two years in a row. So that's sorta neat.

"Somebody gave me that statistic today. I thought you guys would want to know that. Next time, y'all do some of that work. But that was sort of neat, yeah."

Like any good game show, there was a reward for the correct answer. According to media, Spurrier handed an envelope to the two reporters who blurted out the correct answer and inside was a $100 bill.

Coaches should take note. If they want their beat reporters to do more research, they should offer them cash prizes. Looking at you, Nick Saban.

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