Steve Spurrier is allowing his players to vote as long as they’re 21

South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier is more than happy to allow his players time to vote Tuesday as long as they meet the requisite voting age of 21.

Wait, 21? Isn't the voting age 18?

Well, Spurrier didn't seem to think so.

When asked whether he'd allow his players extra time to vote on Tuesday, Spurrier replied: "Our players that are 21?"

Yes, the Gamecocks who are at least 21 can vote, but so can all the other players on the roster who are 18. The 26th Amendment, which bans states and the federal government from setting the voting age higher than 18, was passed in 1971. So, the voting age has been set for a good long while there Ol' Ball Coach.

But hey, maybe he was confusing the voting age with the drinking age, which totally happens all the time. In any case, it's good to know that all of the Gamecocks 21 and over will be allowed to exercise their right to vote Tuesday.

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