Stefon Diggs apologizes for Jeremy Lin tweet then closes Twitter account

Dr. Saturday

Stefon Diggs hasn't even enrolled at Maryland yet, but he's already getting a taste of how quickly a fan base can turn on him.

Friday, Diggs sent out a racially offensive tweet regarding New York Knicks star guard Jeremy Lin: "Everybody need to get off Jeremy Lin egg roll and dumplings he's good though."

Within minutes, the tweet was grabbed, published and Diggs felt a shockwave of anger and disappointment the likes of which the highly touted recruit had never felt before. So he did what any person who sent out an ignorant tweet would do — he apologized and closed his Twitter account.

But not until after he defended his tweet, which was — at first — a response to a Lin fan, who heaped praise on Lin after Diggs made a tweet about Kobe Bryant. After Diggs sent the offensive tweet to the fan he then resent it as advice for everyone.

"A lot of people feel some type a way about my tweet. I sincerely didn't mean anything by it," Diggs wrote on his account, which has been deleted. "I apologize to those who I offended.

"In conclusion I will avoid all future situation like this by not tweeting at all. This situation can be viewed in many different ways. I honestly didn't mean anything by it.

"LAST TWEET … goodbye twitter see you in the fall."

There were no reports of Randy Edsall's head exploding, but it's probably fair to say that Maryland's head coach wasn't pleased with his prized recruits poor judgment and might have had hand in making him close his account.

It's probably good for Diggs to understand the weight of his words. Even though he hasn't played a down, Diggs already holds Maryland's hopes for a desperately needed reversal of fortune. So everyone is watching and monitoring him, just waiting to pounce.

On the positive side, it looks like Diggs has plans to reopen the account in the fall. So we can all look forward to that.

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