South Florida gives graduating punter special teams award, and misspells his name

Dr. Saturday

South Florida gave a nice award to punter Justin Brockhaus-Kann, who had been with the program five years and was its primary punter for the last three.

Very nice gesture. With just one problem. As USF cheerleader Amy Phillips tweeted, with a picture of the award, they misspelled Brockhaus-Kann's name. And it wasn't particularly close. The picture from Twitter of the award is to the right.

Getting the first part of his hyphenated last name could be an oversight. Getting both parts wrong, and also getting the word "offensive" totally wrong ... well, that's not so good.

According to, the award for the team's special teams player of the year was given out during halftime of Saturday's USF basketball game.


We assume the issue will be rectified. It will be difficult to find someone with the last name "Brouckhaus Kahn" for Brockhaus-Kann to give his "offensice" trophy to.

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