South Carolina reports 'impermissible iced decorations' violation to NCAA

South Carolina reports 'impermissible iced decorations' violation to NCAA
South Carolina reports 'impermissible iced decorations' violation to NCAA

South Carolina reported 22 minor violations to the NCAA, including seven by the football team, and thanks to the Associated Press, which asked for the violations through an open records request, we’re all now privy to some of the ridiculous things the NCAA deems unlawful under its current rules.

Among the violations the football team had to report, one involved impermissible iced decorations on a cookie cakes given to prospects. Yes, this is a thing. Apparently, giving a recruit a cookie cake isn’t a big deal, but once you decorate it, the NCAA must step in.

The team also reported the impermissible use of trophies in the locker room, which is a violation since trophies aren’t usually on display in the locker room.

Other violations included a recruit taking a picture on South Carolina’s field in a non-personalized South Carolina jersey and then posting it on Twitter to announce his commitment to the Gamecocks. Another recruit took a picture with a former South Carolina player who is now in the NFL, which was a violation since prospects can't have contact with former players.

Other violations had to do with impermissible text messages to recruits by assistant coaches.

Is this why, as Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby noted during his media days, the NCAA hasn’t heard an enforcement case in a year? Is it too busy worrying about cake icing and the actions of recruits that South Carolina can’t control.

Don’t worry South Carolina fans, these are all minor violations that come with a slap on the wrist, but the fact that some of them had to be reported at all is ridiculous and an epic waste of time.

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