Sooner defense declares ‘Shark Week’ at Oklahoma

Just when you thought it was safe to go back on the football field, beware the Oklahoma Sharks.

No it's not some fake movie football team, it's what the Oklahoma defense is calling itself this season. And it's predator-like ways were evident during Saturday's 55-17 shellacking of Texas in the annual Red River Rivalry at the Cotton Bowl.

The Sooners defense accounted for three touchdowns -- an interception, a sack-fumble and a strip by defensive back Jamell Fleming, who commemorated the score by turning his hand into a dorsal fin at the top of his helmet.

"big s/o to my sharks today! It aint safe in this deep crimson sea," Fleming tweeted after the game.

It was the first time in Oklahoma history that the Sooners, err, Sharks had three defensive scores in one game. It was also only the second time the team had defensive touchdowns on fumbles. Oklahoma also harassed Texas' young quarterbacks, Case McCoy and David Ash, with eight sacks.

Linebacker Travis Lewis, who took the Golden Hat trophy to the crowd to allow Oklahoma fans to share the victory with the players, took the whole Sharks persona to another level by shaving a shark into the side of his haircut. After the game, he credited the fans for the victory.

"Greatest fans in the world . . Felt Like a home game today! No team can survive when you have 85,000 sharks in the stadium."

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