Social Hour: Art Briles touts Baylor's academic excellence

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Baylor coach Art Briles tweeted for the first time in three days Thursday afternoon. Perhaps he should have chosen some different hashtags?

The scrutiny surrounding Baylor and its responses to violent allegations against its players only intensified Wednesday as more allegations against ex-Baylor players became public.

Baylor has hired a law firm to review the school's actions and a preliminary report has been given to the school's board of regents. While it's a standard PR move to focus on the positive, this is one odd tweet.

Baylor athletic director Ian McCaw was on Sirius Thursday morning and said the allegations against former Baylor players troubled Briles.

Senator Marco Rubio (jokingly?) said there should be a statue of Tim Tebow at the U.S. Capitol.

Remember the fight between members of KU's football and basketball teams in 2009? Former KU cornerback and current Denver Broncos player Chris Harris gives some insight into the fight at the 4-minute mark.

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