Siri on your iPhone and iPad is an Oregon State fan

Oregon State Head Coach Mike Riley asked a simple favor of Twitter users who had Apple devices; ask Siri who her favorite college football team was.

The hashtag at the end gave the possibilities away, but even if this was more of a cliffhanger, you could have likely removed Oregon from the list anyway, given that Riley was asking the question.

Yup, Siri is an Oregon State fan. For the Win confirmed on an iPhone, so we double checked on an iPad and sure enough, she's an Oregon State fan there too.

Oregon State SID Steve Fenk told For the Win that the Beavers' selection was a pure coincidence. And we're inclined to lean in that direction as well, instead of dreaming up some anti-Oregon (and Nike) Apple conspiracy theories. Why? Well look what happens when you ask Siri what her favorite college basketball team is. Oregon? You can't do that, Siri.

Safe to say, Siri doesn't really know much about being a college sports fan. Having different favorite football and basketball teams is acceptable in some circumstances, but definitely not when the two teams are rivals, let alone in-state ones. Pick a side and stick with it.

If you're wondering who else Siri has chosen, in the NFL it's the Bucs, the Astros in Major League Baseball (that's really going for the underdog right now) and the Clippers in the NBA. The Predators are her favorite NHL team and it appears to be DC United in MLS.
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