Shaq Wilson makes some kid’s day by playing video games with him online

South Carolina linebacker Shaq Wilson's good deed, on the surface, doesn't seem like that big of a deal.

He played video games. More specifically, he played some video games online. That happens all the time, in front of many televisions around the country.

But this was different. Wilson put out a tweet that he was going to play some video games, maybe watch some TV on his off time as he prepares for the NFL draft. Again, nothing uncommon for an athlete to share the mundane details of his life on Twitter.

But Wilson got a request from a father to play online with his young son. That's what made this interaction unique.

Here's the Twitter thread, from via the college football Subreddit page:

Not that Shaq Wilson is a hero for spending some time to play video games against a kid online. But it seems like the kid might have needed a pick-me-up and had an experience he'll remember for a long time. The kind words Wilson shared near the end of the conversation just added to him taking some time out of his day. That was a classy and cool thing for Wilson to do. Good for him.

We'd have to say this is a pretty worthwhile use of social media by a player.

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