Seven Big Ten mascots cover ‘Call Me Maybe’ while Northwestern and Purdue refuse all things fun

This is the summer of the "Call Me Maybe" spoofs.

From the Harvard baseball team to the Miami Dolphins' cheerleaders to "Sesame Street's" Cookie Monster, the craze over Carly Rae Jepsen's hit song has touched nearly every aspect of our lives — and now it's hit college football.

The mascots from the Big Ten banded together to bring us their version of "Call Me Maybe" and, I'll admit, there are some funny parts, especially the scenes with Minnesota mascot, Goldy Gopher and Sparty.

According to the Big Ten Network, every Big Ten mascot was called to participate; however, only seven did. Illinois, Indiana and Michigan do not have big fuzzy mascots, so they were out, but Northwestern and Purdue simply declined the invitation.

So, just to be clear, Northwestern and Purdue hate Carly Rae Jepsen, the Big Ten and, of course, fun.

Even with limited participation, it's a pretty good video. However, now that the Big Ten has broken the ice on the "Call Me Maybe" spoof video, I fully expect the SEC to come out with a counter video, which will lead to another video in conjunction with the Pac-12 at the Rose Bowl and another counter video in Dallas Cowboys Stadium with the SEC, Big 12 and the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders.

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