Schools use Jerry Sandusky’s abuse as a rivalry burn and it’s just sad

More than two months ago, a grammatically challenged LSU fan came out with a T-shirt that read: "I'd rather take a shower at Penn State then support Alabama."

It was a horribly insensitive piece of apparel that could only be topped by Ohio State and Iowa fans doing the same thing.

That's right, some think tank at those schools thought it would be funny to print up shirts that said: "I'd rather shower at Penn State than cheer for the Wolverines." Nebraska is used in place of Wolverines for the Iowa shirt.


I'm not going to go into some long diatribe about how wrong this is. I think most people — rational people — already know that. Making a T-shirt referencing sexual abuse Jerry Sandusky inflicted on children is just (fill in the blank).

But hey, it's a rivalry, right?

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