“Saturday Night Live” pokes fun at the Manti Te’o situation (and Lance Armstrong, and Jodie Foster)

The "Saturday Night Live" writers must have been thrilled to get three very easy targets subjects for its opening skit this week.

First, Jodie Foster had a rambling Golden Globes speech. Lance Armstrong confessed to doping. And, of course, the subject Dr. Saturday is most interested in: the goofy saga of Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te'o and his girlfriend who never existed.

Of course, the show wasn't particularly nice to Te'o. But the scene was funny.

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The skit is set up as a spoof of the CNN talk show of Piers Morgan, with Jason Sudeikis playing Armstrong talking about his doping admission. Then comes Te'o, played by Bobby Moynihan.

The skit plays up Te'o being clueless about his girlfriend Lennay Kekua not existing, as slack-jawed "Te'o" can't seem to get that his girlfriend isn't real.

"A couple months ago she called me up on the phone and she was like, 'Hey, I have bad news, I'm dead,'" fake Te'o said in the skit. "And I said, 'Oh no! Do you need a ride to the funeral?'"

The scene ends with some jokes at Foster's expense.

It's not too often college football gets a prominent spot on the legendary comedy skit show. As for Te'o, hopefully he has a thick skin, because the jokes about this weird story are still coming strong.

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