Saturday Fashion Police: Those were some fantastic Syracuse helmets

Dr. Saturday

Saturday Fashion Police is back once again. While week four of the college football season might have been the worst on the field, it wasn't too shabby in the uniform department. Let's get to it, shall we?


Syracuse: The Jacksonville Jaguars have set a hideous standard in color change helmets, but Syracuse's transition from navy blue to orange was fantastic. Bonus points for the matte blue look as well. A+, Syracuse.

Missouri: We're not normally a fan of chrome, but the overall look worked for Missouri as they stuck with white and anthracite uniforms. Had the chrome been paired with gold, it doesn't get a passing grade. But it wasn't, so it does.


Virginia Tech: Camoflauge on uniforms is hardly ever a good idea and digitized orange camo does not fall into that category. These uniforms might have also been helped by the pouring down rain in Blacksburg. A sun reflection off those helmets could have been ugly.


Joe Southwick: That mustache was beautiful, but it was also hideous. Full disclosure: had the power of the Southwick stache led the Broncos to victory over Fresno State, we would have bumped him up a notch. Instead, the Broncos lost, and that facial hair has to go.

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