Saturday Fashion Police: SMU, Michigan State and Illinois had some sweet lids

Dr. Saturday

Saturday was the day of some pretty stellar helmets. Let's take a look.


SMU: The simple red with the white mustang was a great look. Simple, it popped, and it wasn't a stark departure on the traditional SMU helmet. A+. (Shout out to the cool UConn helmets. Too bad the team isn't as good as the helmets are.)

Michigan State: We do like chrome around here, and the green chrome that the Spartans rocked was fantastic with the white uniforms.

Illinois: Being third this weekend is no diss. This alteration to the standard Illinois helmet was subtle and very cool. It might have taken you a while to see it.


Oregon: The Ducks said these were olive green uniforms, but do they look brown to anyone else?

Kansas: All gray with red helmets? No thanks. But you're probably going to see this combination again after Kansas won its first conference game since 2010.


Northwestern: Ugh. Good riddance, horrid uniforms.

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