Saturday Fashion Police: What the heck, Miami, Ohio?

Dr. Saturday

Saturday Fashion Police is back! And we've found the season's first major violation. You should receive your citation in the mail, Miami, Ohio. But first, let's be positive. We'll get to the RedHawks in a second.


North Carolina: The Tar Heels broke out all Carolina blue uniforms for the first time since 2003 and they get a big thumbs up from Dr. Saturday, especially when combined with the argyle pattern in the end zone lettering. Though the construction of the jerseys led to the dreaded "sweatbox" effect where sweat darkened parts of the tops but not others.

Wisconsin: We were a fan of Wisconsin's red helmets when they were unveiled -- maybe more so than the players themselves -- and they looked really good on the field Saturday. Though one question; wouldn't you want to wait until a game bigger than Tennessee Tech to break them out?


Florida: The white pant effect is nothing new, but given how warm and humid it was in Miami on Saturday, a bunch of sweat with white pants and little on underneath was not a good idea for the Gators.

Eastern Michigan: We're a fans of matte black in these here parts, but not so much when it comes to matte gray. And to top it off, we're not fans of the generic wings on the sleeves for the Adidas schools with bird names.


Miami, Ohio: What the heck is going on here? The helmets look like a zubaz print threw up on chrome and the uniforms are pretty tacky too. The numbers have a similar print on them and the gray trim is not flattering. Neither is the giant "MI" on the shoulders as well. This gets a fail.

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