Saturday fashion police: The good, the bad and the ugly

Several teams debuted new uniforms and helmets on Saturday, and some were good, some were bad and some were downright ugly. So, we here at Doc Saturday decided to play Joan Rivers and the fashion police and give our critiques of Saturday's fashion choices.


Boise State: We praised Boise State's black matte helmets earlier in the week, but they looked even better in action. The helmets have a silver outline of a bronco with an orange eye. It's the sharpest — and probably scariest — black helmet we've seen this season.
But for as awesome as the helmets are, the uniforms are just OK. Nothing wrong with them really, but the helmet is so fantastic that it needed a fantastic uniform to go with it, and in that regard, Boise State fell a little bit short. Still, the overall package was the best we saw all day.

Oklahoma State: OK, I admit it, I'm a sucker for old school alternative uniforms and Oklahoma State's throwback to the Pistol Pete helmet was a lot of fun. Oklahoma State also went all orange, which wouldn't be my fashion choice, but because it's so close to Halloween, I can get on board with it.


Northwestern: I know I might get some disagreement on this, but Northwestern's Wildcat helmet is lame. There, I said it. I know it's the logo, but bear with me a second. The Wildcat itself looks like it's yawning, not growling. It looks bored. And then the bottom of the Wildcat looks like a weird lightning bolt, which doesn't make any sense. I get that it's supposed to be part of the Wildcat logo, but it looks out of place.
Northwestern's "N" logo is a staple; it's what is associated with the team. I appreciate the desire to branch out, but this was not the way to go.


Michigan State: Sorry Spartans, the chrome helmets were a fail. They were so chrome that you couldn't really see the logo. They weren't really Michigan State colors (the green seemed off) and in a rivalry game, they took away from the history of the competition. And let's be honest, after the 12-10 loss to Michigan — the first loss to the Wolverines since 2007 — the helmets should be considered cursed and buried where they can never be found again.

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