Saturday Fashion Police: Arizona State, Notre Dame and Baylor bring the flash

Dr. Saturday

Our first weekend of October brought us the gaudiest helmets of the season. We've already seen some craziness (Miami, Ohio and Indiana come to mind) but Notre Dame, Baylor and Arizona State one-upped them all. Let's get to it.


Baylor: Chrome helmets? How about gold chrome helmets. The all black and gold chrome helmet the Bears wore against West Virginia simply rocked. Bonus points for keeping the facemasks the same color as the helmets. A black facemask would have meant dropped points.

Arizona State: Flames on a helmet? Flames on a helmet. A week after going for the giant trident look, the Sun Devils' helmets were almost literally on fire. Too bad they weren't literally on fire.

Maryland: The white pride uniforms have been worn before, but it's a great enough look to recognize again. We won't mention the final score Terps fans. Promise.

Northwestern: We're huge fans of matte black and the subtle wildcat on the helmet gets a passing grade. Consider them the cool opposite of Baylor's helmets.


Nothing. Let's skip ahead.


Notre Dame: It's hard to imagine that Notre Dame traditionalists enjoyed these jerseys. The chrome-like shamrock didn't work with the jazzed up gold helmets and those shoes were quite green. Maybe it really is the shock of Notre Dame going all Oregon after being, well, Notre Dame, but even these would have been gaudy on the Duck scale.

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