Samaritan Spartan: Michigan State defensive lineman helps save life of gunshot victim

Kyle Ringo
Dr. Saturday

Michigan State nose tackle Micajah Reynolds helped save the life of a shooting victim last week late at night on his way home from a friend's house.

Reynolds told the man, who had multiple gunshot wounds including one to the head, attempted to flag him down and then collapsed after Reynolds passed him by. Reynolds turned around and returned to see if the 18-year-old man was OK only to find him bleeding badly but still able to speak.

"The streets were pitch-black, and nobody was around in the street late at night," Reynolds told "He was bleeding out all over me. It was wild.

"I'm trying to keep him awake the whole time. He's telling me, 'I'm going to die. It's over.' I'm like, 'Bro, you're sitting here talking to me. You're going to be OK.' I was trying to downplay it, but it was pretty bad."

Reynolds said he was told the shooting victim lost an eye but is expected to survive.

The dramatic experience obviously has Reynolds looking at life and football a bit differently as he prepares to begin his senior season in East Lansing when camp opens on Saturday. Reynolds, an expected starter, said seeing teammates breathing hard after running sprints recently made him think of the wounded young man fighting for his life in Reynolds' arms that night.

"It makes me value my time here," Reynolds said. "It makes me value the fact that I'm not on the streets. I'm not dealing with all the different things that I could have gotten into. It just makes me thankful for what I have."

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