Sam Bradford’s trip to South America includes spreading the word of ‘horns down’

The picture at the top of this post is tremendous. Even Texas fans might get a laugh out of it. Nothing like a former Heisman Trophy winner teaching people in South America who have no idea of the Texas-Oklahoma rivalry how to do the "horns down" sign.

Sam Bradford, the 2008 Heisman winner for Oklahoma, recently went on a trip to South America. He went with old high school buddy Jeff Ragan, who chronicled the trip on for the web site of the company he founded, Kize Concepts, which is a healthy snack food company.

Ragan wrote about the trip, which included a trek to the lost Incan city of Machu Picchu. Here's Ragan's explanation of what happened after they met some of the locals:

"We got back to the campsite and said goodbye to our porters as they weren’t making the climb the next day to Macchu Picchu with us. None of them could speak English but we had a nice exchange through Paul’s translation and they took a horns down picture with our crew. It was a great and hilarious moment as they had no idea what was going on but you could tell it brought a lot of joy and laughter to them."

Nothing quite as funny as a group of non-English speakers in the Southern Hemisphere giddily throwing the "horns down" sign.

Texas coach Mack Brown, who has voiced his displeasure at the sign, surely won't like hearing that a group of South Americans will be passing it along to future generations as a cultural lesson they learned from a few Americans, including a famous football star, who were passing through. But it is hilarious.

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