Rush Limbaugh pops up unexpectedly in Mike Riley’s conference call

Dr. Saturday

Conference calls are just the worst. You're waiting around for everyone to show up, there's unbelievably awkward small talk ("It's raining there? Wow! It's sunny here!"), and there's always that one idiot who STILL hasn't figured out how to mute his phone so we can't hear him screaming at some poor intern. The surprise of conference calls isn't how many of them are train wrecks, it's that all of them aren't.

So you can understand exactly what happened during Oregon State head coach Mike Riley's conference call with local media. Riley was about to answer a question when presto, there was Rush Limbaugh on the line. Not live, of course; somebody had accidentally patched in a broadcast of Limbaugh's radio program. Limbaugh was in mid-rant about those horrid liberals — I know, what are the odds? — and everybody got a good chuckle out of it all, except for Riley, who hurriedly deleted any play designed to run to the left. [UPDATE: To be specific, Limbaugh was apparently reading from a letter ranting about those horrid liberals. And for the humor-impaired, Riley did indeed chuckle at the interruption. Megadittoes for everybody.]


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