Video: The Rock lets the expletives fly during live SportsCenter

Chris Chase
Dr. Saturday

The Rock was cooking up some PG-13 language during a live "SportsCenter" appearance on Thursday morning. The former Miami Hurricane turned wrestler turned actor was in Bristol to promote his new, PG-rated movie, "Journey 2" and dropped three light profanities during the spot.

It was an especially strange interview since each curse had all the spontaneity of a Chris Berman catchphrase. Normally when someone lets one slip on live television, it's an accident (Ron Jarowski) or in a moment of surprise Lee Corso). The Rock was speaking like a third grader who's trying to see what he could get away with.

In this clip, he says "bull----" at the 38-second mark. We won't subject you to the other two verbal slips:

Don't play coy, The Rock. You know you were live.

Buccigross apologized for the language later in the show.

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